By Cody Chung

With the advent of hurricanes beating down on the southeast shores of America, people are looking to certain apps to help them in their times of need. According to TechCrunch, the governor of Florida has informed everyone to use apps like Gas Buddy, Expedia, Google Maps, and more to alleviate some of the panic that some Floridians are feeling.

Gas Buddy has allowed residents to easily find gas stations that have an available stock of gas and which ones don’t. Google Maps helps residents to find the fastest route out of the path of the hurricane. The Governor of Florida has also said that they are working closely with the people over at Google to get up-to-date real-time traffic information. Expedia allows for guests and tourists to relocate to other hotels in safer areas that will be unaffected by the hurricane. These app companies have made it a priority to have their apps updated continuously to help avoid misdirection and causing more panic. Comcast was also looking to help those who might not have the ability to use phone data. Comcast has opened up 137,000 wifi hotspots for people to use for free across the state of Florida. There are also apps like Zello that is a free walkie talkie app that can be used over wifi. Since Hurricane Irma hit the usage of the app has gone through the roof as people try to stay in touch with their loved ones.

The Apple app store has even put out a “Stay Safe After The Hurricane” collection of apps that are featured on the front page. This collection of apps includes weather apps that let you know what the upcoming weather will be, as well as apps that track the path of the hurricane. Apple has also featured apps for people to donate money to help those who have been and will be affected by the hurricanes. Red Cross has even a button on their app to allow people to donate to help the relief effort. If you are looking to help out in any way, you can download the app and donate.

It’s great to see apps now being used in helping people stay safe and and in some cases, literally saving their lives. It is unfortunate that such things like this happen but it’s good to know that there are now ways for people to have access to helpful technology in times of crisis. With the usage rates of helpful apps like these increasing in such times, we can only hope that there are more people out there with app ideas that can assist people in times of crisis. If you are caught up in the hurricanes right now, please stay safe and remember that there are apps out there that are looking to keep you safe as well.